Would Anyone Invest in Flint Michigan ?

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The real estate in flint is very cheap. But as you know the water is currently bad but Flint has had a long history of having low home values.  Please give me some good reasons or validate why I should invest in the real estate here. Thanks in advance.

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@Darius Kellar if I either new the areas, had a good contact I could trust I would invest in flint. It’s all about have the correct and accurate information.

Where do you currently invest, and why did you choose that area? 

At the end it’s about the numbers and having true and factual information. 


@Darius Kellar

There are folks who invest in Flint for rental.  

There are some pockets of Flint that are good for flips too.

See what works best for your situation.  It is a good idea to consider; investing within 15 mile radius from your place of living or work.  They you can start expanding your zone.

@Drew Brown   I currently invest in Pontiac which is about 45 min. from Flint. I choose Pontiac because the last 5 consecutive years I was able to buy rental properties at amazing deals. 

The reason I have been hesitant with buying in flint is that the rent margins are just to low. For example, Looking at neighborhoods with flint rent margins of 500 to 600 dollars is not rewarding at all.  As in my current location the rent margins are closer to 1k a month.