Hi, this question may be more towards the Realtor(R)s in the group, although we all need to get reviews and recommendations.

Asking a customer/client for a review is essential, but we are asking them to spend a fair amount of their time to do it. Of course, hopefully we are giving such great service that they are happy to do it. My question is this: there are multiple sites that are relevant; Realtor.com, Zillow, and Google.

Is it necessary for the client to review on each site? Is there an app that will post reviews to multiple sites so they only have to do it once? 

How have you been able to get reviews and still make it easy for the client to do it? Do you send them a link(s) by email?

Thanks everybody. I am looking for ideas. As you know for any of us reviews are absolutely essential. It's the way we all make purchase decisions now days.