Removing a cosigner (who is under title as joint tenant)

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When I purchased my house I had a cosigner who the bank forced me to put on title of a property.  This was in 2017

The cosigner who's on title now still I wanted to remove

How can I do this just with aquitclaim?

Right now it's Me + mike as tenants in common and I just want to remove Mike from it.   Can this be done in California without triggering a reassessment of property tax or any other negatives?

Mike has not been a part of the purchase besides using his name.  He did not contribute money besides a small loan to this property 

You need to take this up with a lawyer. The title to your post says joint tenancy, and in your post you wrote that you own it with another person as tenants in common. In any case, this person has the same occupation and ownership rights as you do in this property.

If this person is nice enough, they might voluntarily choose to quitclaim their share to you, perhaps for an agreed upon amount of money, if your goal is to own the property in your own name alone. You can't just remove this person from title yourself, unless you have a legitimate legal reason and you seek a partition from a court, which is a lot of work. Again, consult a lawyer. Good luck!

Yes he wants to voluntarily take himself off the deed.  He just did me a favor to get me a loan.  

He actually wants to get off the deed.

It's a Tenant in common,

I use the house like it's 100% mine. I pay mortgage, I live here, i pay all property taxes and insurance and utilities.  Mike just wants to get off the deed now that he helped me qualify for the loan.

I'm more concerned about--

1. paying property tax increase

2. any other issues with taking someone off a deed 

Mike asked me to just quitclaim him off of it