What to do with 300k OPM

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Hello everyone, I've been offered a  300k short term loan (5 year) at a low interest rate and I'm mulling whether to take it and also what to do with it. I can support the monthly payments with my salaried job but I'm not interested in doing that long term. I have generally stuck to traditional investing with my own money so I'm in unfamiliar waters here. What approach would you take to take advantage of this available capital? 

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@Neil Fanstone what are the terms of the loan? Is it amortized over 5 years? Interest only? Line of credit or loan?

Amortized over 5 years, loan, (interest+principal)/ 60 months interest and principal payable monthly. Ability to reup paid principal anytime. 

@Neil Fanstone I would want a 20 - 30 year amortization, but make it a 5 year balloon if they want the capital back in 5 years.

$300k @ 5% over 5 years is a $5500 monthly payment. It's just not a real estate type of loan.

@Neil Fanstone

What would the monthly payments be? Is this a private individual, or some type of lending institution?

Having access to 300k would be great, but amortized over 5 yr seems like it will be a pretty massive payment...


$300k is a large amount to take on.  It's not access to free money it is still a loan with interest.  What would your plan be with it?  Buy a property and then finance it?  So you will have a 100% financed property with a large debt attached to it. Those scenarios don't turn out well.  

I understand using OPM to invest but not at 100%.  

I would figure out what im doing with 300k prior to obtaining the actual loan, seems like you are putting the cart before the horse. Mike D has the famous photo he uses often, but I cant seem to tag him...

@Neil Fanstone  If you have the savings/income buffer, don't turn down money at an interest rate (assuming 5%) lower than average stock market returns. If you park the 300k in a low-cost index fund averaging 7% annual return for 5 years, you will come out ~30k ahead. Of course you want to invest in RE, so while the money is an index fund earning its keep, you'll look for value-add deals to flip to others or the bank (BRRRR). 

Having 300k seed money is a good thing!