Impossible Seller taking forever to respond

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I’ve submitted an offer on a property (light fixer) on Thursday afternoon and STILL haven’t gotten a response to my offer?! Is this customary for an out of state investor to take this long to respond? She countered at 7:20am on Sunday and went off the grid AGAIN!! What should I do? Withdraw or hang in there.

P.S This is my first home purchase

@Joan-Marie Pagan Did you put an expiration date and time on your offer?  If not, I'd withdraw it immediately and resubmit it with a deadline.  You can actually hold the seller's feet to the fire.

If you are not represented by a sharp agent, I'd suggest that you find one.  Navigating this minefield on your own is pretty tricky, especially when you're inexperienced.  At this point, you don't know what you don't know.