Columbus, OH Real Estate Investment

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Hello -

I am interested in buying an investment property in the Columbus, OH area. The goal would be to rent the unit out to a potential tenant. Looking for recommendations on realtors I could work with to explore this further.



Hi @Hatim Barma . There are a ton of excellent agents in the area with personal investment experience and helping clients buy, sell and lease investment property. You may look around BP, search members and businesses for Columbus-area agents and review their profiles to get a sense of their activity and experience. 

Good luck, man!

@Hatim Barma I can refer you to some top notch agents in central OH, but Harvey and Brad would be 2 of the 4 I would say connect with first as they own their own investments, have solid networks/experience/exit strategies, and are loyal/dependable/honest/fast/communicatable, etc. Easy to vet agents here and weed out the bad ones. Count on and continually trust quality investor referrals in the REI space.