So I finally have my down payment for my 1st rental property and I'm scouring the market to find a good deal in a good location that will produce a positive cash flow . I have the knowledge to control the property once it is in my position. But I'm a bit Rusty when it comes to controlling the deal upon purchasing the property from the seller as far as the paperwork and all of the contracts that are needed to close the deal like a pro .the paperwork is pritty much your inventory in an investment property, it's pretty dang important. Of course I can wing it and learn from my mistakes and I'm not afraid to do that ,but why do that when I can seek a bit of advice and gain some knowledge from a seasoned investor that has been through the process multiple times . I could honestly care less if I look like an amateur to the seller at closing, mostly because I am when it comes to the experience, I'm not afraid to stumble into an unknown situation especially if I have the knowledge to keep me from falling . Should I open a LLC prior to purchasing the property . if you guys know of a web link that I can read up on about this that would be great