How much to pay wholesaler for assignment of contract?

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I am buying an 1800 sq ft single family property in Ft Myers.  The wholesaler is making 15K, this seems steep for this type of property.  I thought that the range was around 5-10K .  What is reasonable for this type of deal? Appreciate any thoughts. 

Maybe they negotiated a killer price with the seller and the deal supports them making a higher fee in this case? Hard to say without knowing any of the details. The most important question is, does the deal still work for you at the price you agreed to buy it at (regardless of what the wholesaler is making)?

I agree with what @Kyle J. mentioned. If your getting a steal of a deal then go for it, if not pass.  Depending on the market good deals may be hard to find. I’ve spent 5K plus on a mailings before without a deal.  The 5k per assessment fee is not always realistic since on many occasions it take more than 5k to find a good deal.