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Originally posted by @Joshua Savage :

I am currently using them.  Send me a PM and I'll tell you about my experience so far.  

I would like to know your experience as well if you don't mind. Thinking about using them for a property I'm purchasing. Thanks. 


Originally posted by @Joshua Savage :

I am currently using them.  Send me a PM and I'll tell you about my experience so far.  

Curious to know if you went with Crestcore services or no. I'm vetting PMs now as well. 


@Mario Ray we wouldn’t recommend CrestCore to our worst enemy! Those guys treated us horribly and were extremely dishonest with us! They took forever to pay us rent that was rightfully owed to us, over billed us for all of our maintenance fees, caused unnecessary damage to our homes, and they would randomly bill us for things that were never authorized. In our opinion, CrestCore is one of the most dishonest groups in Memphis and we’re not alone. We ended up filing a civil lawsuit against them and they wanted to settle with us but in their settlement we had to sign a non-disclosure agreement so we couldn’t talk about our experience and we REFUSED! How these guys are still in business is mind blowing because they have a laundry list of clients that are livid with them. Keep digging and you’ll find an abundance of angry clients.

CrestCore Better Business Bureau Reviews

@Mario Ray I have never worked with Koleton Daley for the record. My brokerage team has nothing to do with him and never has. He allegedly had an issue with property management. I look forward to working with you and there are plenty of references available on my behalf. 

There’s no alleging here, everything we have is documented and your representing attorney has it all, including the initial settlement offer that you guys proposed, with the non- disclosure agreement 🙂

@Mario Ray  It’s good to hear and see that their reviews are starting to catch up with them and reflect the common occurrences that they claim are out of the ordinary. Their google reviews are horrible, we haven’t really checked those but some of them make it seem that CrestCore convinces individuals to buy homes and then upon the owner getting upset CrestCore “buys” the property from the owner? That’s just how it appears to us from the google reviews we’ve looked at and is simply an opinion.

Here’s some that we could ask @Dean Harris about since he’s decided to chime in.. Has CrestCore been buying property from the frustrated owners? This doesn’t appear to look that great on CrestCore because from our side of things, CrestCore caused majority of all of our frustrations. Is that what CrestCore does? The homes get sold to someone, CrestCore begins managing it, the owners get frustrated, and so coincidentally the brokerage side of CrestCore is there to “help” them out? Sounds like a fixed cycle that CrestCore would have complete control of but that’s just our opinion if that’s what’s truly going on. We’re not saying that’s actually what’s going on but it surely does seem like it from these reviews, and from the comments @Dean Harris has made about “helping” people get out of bad situations. For the record we’ve never purchased a home from this group. We’ve only had them manage a few of our homes and it was a complete nightmare. We would strongly encourage anyone and everyone to do EXACTLY what @Mario Ray did and ask for people to talk about their experience and start checking reviews in various places online. We wouldn’t recommend CrestCore to anyone! This group has wronged a lot of people and they need to be held accountable for their actions.

CrestCore doesn’t buy houses. I haven’t dealt with Koelton Daley in anything. Posting tenant reviews and somehow linking them to me is comical. I am a licensed real estate agent and I work with buying and selling homes. I have nothing to do with property management. But, Koelton knows this.

Also, for the record, my clients choose me as their agent. Nobody is forced or pushed to use me to help them sell or buy.

I’m still trying to figure out why Mr Daley is targeting me with his slanderous outburst seeing that we have never worked together. I haven’t even spoken to this gentleman on the phone.....But, here we are!

I’m willing to answer any questions and provide references for my work with investors. I’m also an investor and hold rentals myself. I’m available vie PM, email or phone to speak with any investor personally.

Have a great Sunday!

This Dean guy needs to clearly quit playing a victim 😂 You chimed in after we posted 😂 We simply asked you because you posted on @Mario Ray ’s thread... make sense? You’re the only one that will post from CrestCore.. That should be a giant red flag for anyone considering CrestCore as a partner but that’s just our thought. Everyone else from CrestCore, that’s on BiggerPockets, appears to be scared to address all the negative reviews and angry BP members. If someone else that isn’t afraid to chime in, thats with the CrestCore organization, please do. Let’s have a constructive conversation on your negative feedback all over the internet.

Also please state the truth Mr Harris.. we have talked... on BP actually and if you’d like we can post those pictures as well to show how we have talked about Memphis real estate in private messages 😊 We believe you might have just violated the Real Estate Code of Ethics sir. 

The most important thing in our opinion is that another potential victim has been saved from the CrestCore organization. People are aware of this organization, what they’re doing, how they’re treating people, and the negative reviews they have. In our opinion, Mr. Harris is doing all that he can to legally distance himself from this organization so he can continue to hold a valid Tennessee Real Estate License but that’s just our opinion and may not be the actual case. 

@Koleton Daley I’m not distancing myself from CrestCore. I’m trying to distance myself from you since we have never worked together and I do not know you at all. I answered some questions from you via PM in early 2018. I’m sorry if you think that qualifies as knowing you or working with you.

I have posted this several times. If you did have a bad experience with our property management division, I’m sorry. I use the word “allegedly” because I know nothing about your situation with CrestCore property management. I’m not going to pretend to know what happened but clearly you were hurt by this and you have made it a point to let all of the BP community aware and I think you have succeeded. But to continuously target me and the brokerage because I speak up on BP for myself and because I chime in on posts about Memphis is out of line. I don’t work in CrestCore property management and I never have. I don’t know your situation or circumstance. But, I do wish you better luck with property managers.

I can’t imagine what your portfolio and business would look like if you spent half s much time on that as you have on CrestCore and the property management division there.

@Dean Harris keep distancing yourself and playing whatever victim card you’re attempting to. The correlation between the reality side and management side has already been pierced in multiple instances. We’ll keep educating and we’ll continue to help all great minds alike avoid being treated like we have by you and the CrestCore organization. You guys have hurt a lot of good people on the tenant side as well as the owner side of things. (Have you Googled CrestCore Reality lately? Have you checked your Zillow rating? Have you also found the BBB/yelp reviews that name you specially?) 

We’re sorry that you work for/with, in our opinion, some of the most dishonest people in Memphis but that is completely your choice and again in our opinion, it also reflects negatively on you as a person and a professional. CrestCore is an organization that needs to answer for all of their actions and we’ll continue to share our story just as you will continue to work with the CrestCore organization 🙂

You must feel really big with those personally attacks but at the end of the day everyone knows the truth and your true colors just continue to show from the things you post 😃😂 In our opinion, you should quit worrying about our Portfolio(s)/Business(s) and start caring about your potential clients a little more and find a reputable/honest organization to list in your signature, but that’s just our thought on the matter. 

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