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Obtain the most land, anywhere in the U.S., at the cheapest price

Posted Jun 12 2019, 20:45

Hello BP!

I am researching the best way to get land - a LOT of land. I can easily google for 50-200 acre plots of undeveloped land all over the U.S. for under $100k, but I'm thinking there's another level of scale I'm not seeing, such as government grants, auctions, etc.

Could I buy 2 million acres for $0.10/acre, for example? ($200k) I don't care where the land is or how undeveloped.

What are some good resources to begin investigating if I want to obtain large plots of land, possibly unconventionally, for the cheapest possible on a per-acre basis? I've found countless auction sites but it's a bit messy, and I am wondering if there are government sources of information that I'm missing.

Looking especially for knowledge and experience from developers. ;-]

Thanks in advance!!

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