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I know it is frowned upon being a part time agent. But I wanted to hear from those out there that are doing this. My main goal would be to be able to get myself into to see listings at a faster rate than going through someone. If I sell a house or two in year that would be great to cover the cost. I have heard of eXp realty, which has no desk fees and its an online broker. Granted I will not learn shoulder to shoulder starting out as an agent that I would learn from the traditional broker and peers at the firm. My goal is to get enough passive income to ditch the w2 job. Then be an agent on the side with primary focus on building my own portfolio. This will also help with flips, I haven't done one yet. When the time comes it will be helpful. Any advice or thoughts appreciated. Thank you!

@Sandeep Singh there’s no law that states you have to work it full time. Get your license, build relationships with other Realtors, and get yourself in properties first. Then if you miss out, you only have yourself to be annoyed with.

Hearing your primary goals, I wouldn’t advise you to seek out much business besides your own, those are the kind of agents that people here on BP complain about- “big talk, but couldn’t get me into the property until 9pm or Saturday’s,” kinda thing.

I have a good buddy that is only licensed to sell homes to his best client- himself! It doesn’t hurt getting paid to spend money you were going to anyway.

Many investors lowball the bejeezus out of everyone and if that happens to be your style, you won’t have to fuss with your agent or worry about them ditching you.

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@Sandeep Singh I'm in a similar boat, maybe a year ahead of you. Have rentals but wanted to get into flips and possibly wholesaling, and eventually larger multi-family. I just passed the Ohio exam Tuesday and plan to leverage the license for myself first. I never really envisioned being an agent for others, but the more I get into it the more I realize that may be the perfect way to help replace my current w2 income faster.

 I agree with @David Bell .   Anytime I respond to a message inquiring about EXP Realty my comment is removed.  I was simply trying to respond to the question that had been posted.  There’s a lot of misinformation out there and as a nontraditional, investor-friendly brokerage, there are obviously many questions that people have yet this is clearly not a welcomed discussion on this forum.

Exactly @Marian Huish .  I understand prohibiting posts that promote exp outside of the marketplace but it's ridiculous that we can't even respond with a comment to someone else's post asking about exp yet there are plenty of other comments "promoting" other brokerages that have been left up for years. 

Tons of agents out there part-time. They use a regular job as a crutch. How do I know? I was delivering pizzas for Dominos as a driver while doing some RE on the side when I was first licensed over 15 years ago. My first year I was in residential before moving to commercial.

I then decided to go ALL IN and do just real estate. When there is a plan A and not a plan B you tend to go all out. When there is a plan B and C you are already telling yourself if Plan A isn't easy breezy and I get lazy then I can go to plan B and C. It's the same reasons 90% of the population wants to be mulit-millionaires but they never get there. They see what is involved and are still looking for the EASY MONEY in a delusional state. They have the answers but do not want to put in the work to get there.

I like having no agents currently at my commercial company. I just have my own investments and clients. I live a simple and happy life. As you get older you want less headaches and better quality of life to enjoy it. Money is really secondary.

The herd populations are typically in survival mode. Living day to day to have food to eat and pay bills.

Next level is security mode where they have gone from 50k income to maybe 100k income and are comfortable. Nice living but they could not retire today but can think about what they are passionate about in life rather than having to work any job to make ends meat.

Success is typically when the income from investments outpaces the job or your business. At that point most are truly free to go all out on what they are passionate about and know the income will likely be there to support them regardless.

Agents can be a pain especially new agents for a brokerage. They aren't trained well, tend to have limited knowledge and experience, and typically want to try all kinds of hairbrained transactions and listings because they are desperate to make some coin.  

The flat fee or max out models are typically companies that recruit heavily and want to scale to eventually be bought out. Not all of them but that is one of the potential benefits. I have seen a ton of these companies over the last few decades with the same spiel they just put a new marketing spin on it. No company is going to make you super successful. It is YOU working a defined plan of action everyday consistently regarding personal life, religion, business, health, etc.  to get where you want to go. Don't get into real estate just for the money. Do it because you love it. If you do not love it then eventually most will burn out as it will be work instead of a labor of love.

I have other friends that own brokerages and they babysit agents. They like doing that instead of selling and make a few hundred k a year and stay out on the golf course.