Will a Funeral home affect my sale?

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I came across a potential flip last night and at first glance the property looked to fit my criteria. Before I proceeded to run the numbers I noticed that right next door is a funeral Home, a nice one I might add but never the less still a funeral home. There is a large parking lot that is in between the potential property and the front of the funeral home as the funeral home is the corner lot and is probably 4x the size. Currently there is a chain link fence between the two property lines and next to the fence in what would be the back yard area is a huge detached garage for the Hearse. Am I correct in thinking that this will turn off even some buyers and if i put up a 6ft privacy around the rear of the property would you say that would help or does it not even matter? Thanks

I don’t think it would matter much, but it will matter some. Having any commercial property next door will mean a less than perfect view, parking lot, etc.

a privacy fence would probably help.

You’ll turn away a few buyers, but I don’t think many would really care. I’d plan on losing a few % in your sale price... and if you don’t, extra profit!