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I am looking to get my real estate license in Virginia, I want to do the classes online and was wondering if anyone had any input as to which is the best company/ website to use. There seems to be a lot of different options. Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks in advance.

@Stefan Wenninger I'm a Real Estate Agent in Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland. I am also a recruiter and a trainer for new agents. Everyone on our team has gone with They always have a ton of discounts online through their front page so check those out. They likely have a fathers day sale today for some rediculous amout off. 

Another few popular ones are RealEstateExpress and RealEstateU. Many people will mention Moseley but I have heard  nothing but complaints. Make wure whichever program you choose has online proctoring for their xlass exam or it could be a huge pain to find a proctor. 

If you have questions about brokerages or the process of becoming an agent feel free to shoot me a message. 

Also, are you looking to get a license to become an agent or to leverage some of your deals/offers without an agent's help? If its the latter I'd recommend you focus your time and energy more on analyzing deals. Buyers agents are "free" in Virginia so it often does not make sense to forgo the realtor on that side of the transaction. 

@Andrew Webber thanks was one of the ones we were looking at. Its Actually my wife that is getting her License and she is looking to do it to become an agent, any benefits that will help with our investing future are just bonuses. I will let her know to contact you if she has questions, as I know she does. Thanks again. 

@Stefan Wenninger where are you guys located in Virginia? I meet with new or interested agents all the time to tell them about the industry. I'd love to sit down with her over coffee and answer any questions she might have. GOod luck to her! It can be tough out here, haha.