How to write a letter to an owner

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Hey BP Community! So I currently live in a condo on Oahu and I’ve been renting for about a year. I really like the condo and the location is great as well!

I have never had any contact with the owner and the property manager is very hard to get ahold of. I did a little digging and found out who the owner is and I ran the numbers to see if it would make sense to buy this place. It is not for sale but I’d like to get in contact with the owner and offer her a price. I found out that she lives in my home state of Illinois!

Anyways, I want to write her a letter informing her that I’m interested in buying her condo and like to speak with her.

Since this is a cold reach out what is your guy’s advice on how to structure the letter and what to say? I want to entice her into calling me and don’t want to say too much in my letter.

Thanks in advance!

@Zachary Steidl

You should have an advantage here in the fact that your return address will be something she should recognize.

Handwrite the address. That will help make sure she opens it.

I would probably write something really simple like:

"Hi, I rent this place from you and I would be very interested in purchasing it from you. If you are open to this idea, please give me a call."

The problem you're going to run in to is that this property is most likely a performing asset and she probably has very little motivation to sell it.