What are the most overlooked "potential" motivated seller leads?

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What would you say are the most overlooked motivated seller leads a wholesaler should be looking at? This does not include the same old leads every other investor is targeting like vacant homes, pre-foreclosures, foreclosures, and every other usual lead target.

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I heard someone say "garage sales" the other day. Not sure about that one...

I like personally like stale MLS listings.

Garage sales?? I never heard of that one before. What are stale MLS listings and how good are the stale MLS listings?

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Stale MLS listings are properties that have been listed on the MLS for excessively long periods of time and are no longer receiving much showing activity. They are all overpriced so you have to go in and try to make a realistic deal with them.

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@Tony Marcelle There are a couple new owner occupied lists catching traction - that haven't been over-mailed. These include "Seniors with Long-Time Ownership and Owners with Low Financial Stability Scores (FSS)

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Thinking the last place you would advertise and expect a lead,... try there. Example: newspaper classified.

I have tried the newspaper classified ads before. I did not find a lead. I end up finding a few We Buy Houses ads in there instead.