How to incentivize sellers agent to close early

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I have a multi-family property ready to close on June 27th per the buy-sell.  The seller's agent is old school and wants to work at her pace and do things on her terms.  I'm ready to close a week early but she doesn't want to work faster to send the documents to the out of state sellers to close.  Anyone have ways to incentivize the sellers agent to close early?  I told my realtor that I'd give the seller's agent $100 or $200.

My reasons for wanting to close early - works better with my work schedule, I can do minor maintenance before the 4th of July week - want to leave the tenants alone during Holiday, pro-rated rent.

I think the current owners are older and don't care when we close.

@Andrew Schrader You can try to tell your agent to nag her about it until she gets it done if it's really just the other agent's fault, but honestly if the current owners don't really want to close early or don't care then the seller's agent might not want to push them to close early. If they aren't using E-sign documents then that kind of stinks, but if you're talking about the final deed and everything then that's also up to the closing attorneys to mail those documents to them for closing. Honestly though in my experience both sides have to really want to close early for it to actually happen.