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Hello everyone my name is Elmar Deshae and I'm 22 located in SE Iowa. I am brand new to real estate and am currently pursuing the wholesale strategy to build my cash reserves so that I can fund my own deals in the future. My first step is paying off my student loans which is only $7K and then I will buy my first investment which will be a Multifamily unit that I can "House Hack" .My overall goal is to not only own a great deals of rentals but to one day develop my own projects. As a kid I was always fascinated by real estate but it wasn't until last year when I read "Rich Dad Poor Dad" that I learned the benefits of owning assets like Real Estate. I would love to connect with like minded individuals not only located in Iowa but anyone who has helpful information for my Journey! I would love to hear other people's story of how they got started and what are your overall goals?

@Elmar Deshae where at in SE Iowa are you from? Ottumwa is a great market to wholesale and for cash flow. The appreciation isn’t very good but it’s easy to get 2% rent on your rental units.

I live in the DSM area and would also like to connect and learn more about the investor opportunities for newbies in the state in general!

Feel free to reach out!

Hey Matt thanks for reaching out, I'm currently in Des Moines County which is SE Iowa. It's a very small market which doesn't seem to be growing much. I'm looking to move to a bigger market like Cedar Rapids or Des Moines here in a couple month.

Hey Charles I was living in Des Moines for a while and I myself didn't make any investments in the city, but I do know a couple of people who Invest in the area and say they've been able to find great deals! I'm looking to come back that way in a couple months! Where In time I'll hopefully invest in my first househack

Hey! I'm a 24 year old investor from the Cedar Rapids area.  If you ever make it up this way let me know and I can put you in touch with some people.  I do not have much knowledge of the wholesaling game or what it's potential is in CR, but if you want to talk rentals let me know.

@Elmar Deshae

I invest in buy and hold currently, but think you are on the right track with house hacking! I would definitely do that if I could go back in time.

I like your goal to only invest in good deals, but don’t let that stop you from getting started. If you wait for the perfect deal, you will never get anywhere. Look for deals with options and multiple exit strategies and learn what the market has to offer in the process.

Good luck!