Having Property Manager and Agent in One Business--Good/Bad Idea?

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Hey folks!

I'm a new investor looking for my first property. I recently had a discussion with a PM in the area in which I want to invest, and I really liked them and I intend to move forward with the company. 

I also received referrals from BP members for local agents. Some of these referrals were agents who worked in the same office as the PM.

I'm curious about any problems this might cause. There are certainly some benefits to having everybody working closely together, but is it better to have your PM and agent separated a bit? I guess I'm wondering if there are any dangers from having the agent and PM so closely connected. 

Thanks for any advice you can offer!

It all comes to how do you feel about them.

If you trust them, I think the closer they are, the better, communication will be better and they will be able to help you more.

Set your expectations for them from the beginning and make sure they deliver what it is expected. 

Good luck on your first deal!