Best Strategy for using Home Equity or HELOC

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Hi everyone. I'd like to learn a couple of different strategies investors use when using a HELOC or a home equity loan.

My parents can get a HELOC of $200,000. I've already convinced them about investing that money into real estate, now it's just a matter of HOW to invest it.

I'm very well aware of the BRRRR method, but I'm wondering if there are any alternative strategies that might not require as much work/effort.

i.e Would you recommend we use the HELOC as a down payment for 5-10 different SFH/MFH (maybe an apartment as well) if the numbers make sense?

I just need some recommendations from experienced investors on how they used their HELOC.

Thank you in advance for the responses!



. I try to get people to send me any excess HELOC funds, but it hasn't happened so far

but seriously

We use our HELOC to purchase and renovate, then pay it off on a flip or refinance after reno for a hold. Then wash rinse and repeat.

I can't imagine 200K will cover 5-10 SFH or a MFA in Anaheim CA ?

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