Kansas City, Mo investing

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Does anyone know if the zip code 64146 is a safe and desirable zip code to invest in? I’m looking at possibly buying some investment (buy and hold) properties there. I know it’s a broad area but just trying to see if anyone has had problems with crime, theft, difficulty to find good tenants and keep rented.

@Marcello Oliveri , it's kind of an odd location. Halfway between Leawood (upper class) and Grandview (working class), depending on where your units are. Certainly safe. I'd also look in areas that @Nicholas Parish suggests. Our rentals are north of this area, so you'll have to take others advice on tenants, rent, etc. 

Good Luck!


Its out in no mans land between two cities.  Leawood where all the rich people live and Grandview where working class live - lots of industry out there - I would think in the path of development, but industrial or residential development remains to be seen.

@Nicholas Parish

Thank you Nicholas. I appreciate your input. I am definitely aware of that list. I have used the list to purchase several units. Thank you for suggesting that list.

I have properties in all those locations. You are absolutely correct to invest in the areas you described. That’s where I have my properties. They cashflow great and I have done well. The list does not include the zip in question. This is why I was reaching out to anyone who has actually purchased in that area. I don’t want to invest a huge amount of capital into an asset that doesn’t perform. I am looking at buying a large multifamily in that zip but am unsure if it is crime ridden or will stay rented (want to ensure it’s a desirable place for tenants).