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I don't understand how I'm supposed to track the outgoing calls I'm making in Podio, other than manually typing it into the comments on each lead profile. Has anyone figured out a way to link callrail or mojo dialer to track outgoing calls, voicemails left, etc? I know there's a way to create an app for calls and it tracks inbound. I know you can also manually "add" outgoing calls here by clicking "add" and then inputting all the information about the call; from here you can bring it into the seller lead profile in the seller app. This is way too time consuming. There must be a better way. I'm willing to reward and helpful contributors! 

Thank you both for the feedback. I would rather use just mojo all day but I'm not sure that is an option right now because I'm not the decision maker. But I will look at smrtphone, is it free.

Creating an integration using wouldn't be too hard depending on how tech savvy the person setting it up was. I started playing with it and it looks like the free plan would be more difficult to setup because you only get 2 steps (looks like you'll need atleast a third step to filter out inbound calls, their out of the box "Trigger" includes inbound and outbound calls). I'm about to finish setting up an integration just to see how difficult it is. I'll let you know what I find.