Hello BP, My wife and I are new investors stationed at Fort Meade currently. We have one property in Alabama thus far, but are considering shifting our focus in the local area extending up to Baltimore. We have been in Maryland for one year, have driven-for-dollars, searched the portals, but would like advise from those of you familiar with the area or with any experience.

We have some money saved, however, we know to get started it requires us to save more than 10K. Our interest right now would be a MFH for rental or a SFH for BRRRR or flip to increase our finances for future, longer term property investing.

Financing options we have considered are an FHA for possible home hacking, but we would not want to move somewhere we would not want to raise our children. Also, we have briefly researched a 203k rehabilitation loan and would be interested in hearing from anyone who has used it or truly understands its in and outs.

BP, we are definitely looking for any advise you all may have as well as any recommendations to move forward in our area.