Driving For Dollars and Sending Letters

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I decided to do some driving around to find properties that look distressed; typical driving for dollars stuff, and I now I sit at the computer and struggle to write a letter to the owners to see if they want to sell. Does anyone have examples?

Hi @John Maynard ,

I recently started my first direct mail campaign and faced the same challenge.  My strategy was:

1. Google "real estate yellow letters" to find some of the companies.
2. Review their template examples (they are posted and free).
3. Create your letter.

I know that sounds basic, but once I started reading the examples out there, I could quickly weed out the phrases/wording that weren't my style and found a few phrases that I did like.  It took me about 6-8 rough drafts before I came up with my letter, but I'm happy with it for now.  

I wanted my letter to sound authentic and reflect who I am as an investor.  For example, I wouldn't send a letter that reads "Hurry!  Offer expires in 30 days!"...that's just not my personality....but maybe it's yours, and that's ok :)  

Good luck on your journey!

Thank you to both of you - for the question and the answer. I started driving for dollars today. I Door Dash while listening to BP Podcasts and driving for dollars. The podcast speaks for itself. I'm a newbie - no property or deals yet. The podcast is such an incredible wealth of information I go to the well often. I Door Dash in order to "get paid" for my education instead if paying for it. The proceeds will go toward direct mail materials: paper, ink, envelopes and postage. Today I found three properties I am going to send letters to. Two are overgrown with weeds and clearly vacant. The third looks like a flip in progress. I'm going to try to get to it before it hits the market. Thanks to all the people in the forums. I know I need to start posting and contributing, so here we GO!!