Missing Heir, Illegal Heir, and attempting to purchase property

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HELP HELP!! I'm trying to purchase an off market property but we are running into issues. The borrower passed away 11/18.. He is survived by his son(co-borrower), two daughters (one of which can't be found) and their mother (not legally married, nor an American citizen) It looks like we can't complete the Affidavit of Heriship because one daughter can't be found.. I don't know if the mother can sign because she has no ID. One title company says we can't file an advise possession suit.. file partition or sell and put the missing heirs portion in the registry of the court so they can collect later.. Any advice? Real Estate Lawyers/title company recommendation in Houston Texas would be appreciated.

The mother is out unless she is making a common law claim as she is not an heir

The missing daughter is difficult as this is a fresh death so to speak. Some title companies would allow placing an ad in the paper looking for her but that is usually for a claim that is years old. My guess is finding her is the only option short of a court order. Not all of these Type of issues can be solved with time passing