Hi Folks,

I am currently in Puerto Rico on business and I’m interested in purchasing a rental property here sometime this year. My partner and I have a business that will keep us coming back to the archipelago many times over the coming years, and we would eventually like to live here for part of the year, and rent the property out when we are not here. Multi-family properties are particularly appealing to us. We’d like to have the option to do short term rentals, but I know that many neighborhoods don’t want/allow Airbnb. 

I'd like to connect with anyone who has purchase property here before, anyone who is a real estate investor here now and is current on the process to close. The two things that we're going to be looking into next week for sure are the classificadosonline and the bancopopular.co site for foreclosures. Are there other resources anyone can recommend? Would love to have a call and possibly meet up with one or a few of you. We're here in PR until 8 July.

Thanks in advance, and looking forward to connecting!