Was your first deal a win or fail?

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I see a lot of discussion about new investors being nervous about their first deal...I remember being there myself. I did not want to buy a rental unless it was going to be a home run! I finally broke the seal. Sadly, No home run...not even a base hit. To this day, maintenance costs and taxes eat up the income that house brings. But I learned from it. I adjusted my process and thinking, and every deal since has been progressively better.

Now...I quit my job to pursue full time investing. My last flip saw 100% return and my wife and I are buying 1-2 houses/month. But I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t bought that first rental...which technically still sucks.

I speculate I’m not the only person with this experience. Wondering from some other experienced folks, was your first deal a winner, or a loser? Please share.