In contract on my 2nd deal. It's a rehabbed SFH and some of the presented photos (of course) show the highlighted parts of the home, and while it's in satisfactory condition (overall), attic access was unavailable for the inspector (padlocked and painted over).

Though this is my 2nd deal, this represents a red flag (unknown as to what is in there and it's condition, the home is 110 years old) to me and among other smaller issues related to water stains in the unfinished basement (satisfactory) non working sump pump (can be replaced), water heater leaking (agent said will be replaced) , etc .. how should I approach this???

Demand access to the attic?? Can non access break a deal?? Can/Should I request the agent pay for the attic to be inspected since unavailable?? I wouldn't want to get caught up buying this place and there are issues there, not accounted for.

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.