Lender Comparison for out of state investing

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Hey everyone - working on my first offer and I've been pre-approved by one lender for a conventional loan on a triplex.  I'm out of State investing. CA to Florida.  I have top tier credit and around 55K to put down in cash including closing costs.  The lender I've been working with is in CA and has given me approval for 25% down (since it's out of State investing on multi-unit) and said that all in with closing it'll be roughly 52K needed in cash. (Offer I made is 168K)

I'm interested in getting different quotes on loans because my immediate reaction is that 25% down is high.  Is that normal for an out of state investment on a multi unit rental?  If not, is it standard to get multiple pre-approvals from diff lenders on the same listing?  And if so, do you guys have any recommendations or suggestions as to best practices?