Confused on how to approach this!!

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My parents neighbor passed about a year ago and the home was left to the niece.

She’s rarely at the property but I had the chance to speak to her for a short time this past weekend and was told she believes that there’s liens on the property so she can’t sell it. More than likely she’ll let it go back to the bank.

Where do I start with this property? I want to figure out the best possible way to make a deal

@Matt Vogt

Make an offer on the property to the legal owner which should be her.  Don't over thing it because the bank that has a collateral on the property now will help you with it.  (Possibly a shot sale or..)

Hope this helps

Hey @Matt Vogt , welcome to BiggerPockets!

What can you tell us about the property? How many beds/baths? What would it rent for? What repairs does it need?

Also, is the home free and clear, or is there a mortgage on it? If a mortgage, can you get the niece to share a recent statement?

I've got a decent footprint in St. Louis, so I can help you through this. Connect with me here on BP if you are interested.