Banks that don't require seasoning period in Birmingham, AL

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I bought my first SFH in the Birmingham area and just got a tenant July 1st. I am trying to do the BRRRR method and paid cash, did the rehab and now I'm trying to refi to get my cash back out. All the banks I've called require a 6 month seasoning period. Does anyone know a bank that could do it now? I'd like to get started on the next one.

@Adam Egloff There are some commercial programs that will go all the way up to 75% cash out at the 90 day mark off of new appraised value.  

You'll have better luck having lenders reach out by posting this type of thing in the marketplace because anyone who would offer their services here or directly message you offering them would have the post/message removed if it's outside of the "marketplace."

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