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Hello everyone,

I have been analyzing the Northwest Atlanta real estate market for the past several months. More specifically: Marietta, Smyrna, Mableton. I’m finding some deal opportunities in these areas that make me feel comfortable with potentially house hacking; however, I’m also hearing a lot of noise about the West side of Atlanta and how it is the place to invest due to the future growth potential.

I would like to get my feet wet as soon as possible, but I’m having trouble deciding whether or not Northwest Atlanta is the right place for me to invest. I believe that the Cumberland/Vinings area is growing, and that the surrounding areas could experience solid growth in the years to come, but I’m worried that these areas are too far from the fast growing Beltline areas and all of the other up and coming “hip” areas in Atlanta. If anyone has any guidance or knowledge regarding the projected future of the Northwest Atlanta market, I’d love to discuss.

I also love talking real estate in general, so I’m happy to listen and learn from anyone who loves talking real estate — especially the Atlanta market. I’m still pretty new to real estate, but I have some ideas that I’d love to share with those investing in the Atlanta market.

Thanks and good luck to all!

Hi @Davis Culpepper and welcome to BiggerPockets!

I got my start investing in Cobb County, so I'm a big fan of Marietta, Smyrna, Mableton, and even parts of Austell. I like the reasonable property taxes, the (relatively) good schools, and the overall stability of Cobb. Problem is, so does everybody else, so great cash flow deals are getting harder to find. Not impossible, though.

By comparison, the Beltline and other "hip" areas are, for now, a speculative growth play. There is way too much hype, in my opinion. Fulton County taxes worry me a bit. Also, there is a lot of money chasing after a fairly small property pool, so prices are soaring.

My strategy is to buy-and-hold in Cobb, where I can, for cash flow, and fix-and-flip in the "hip" areas, where I can, for cash.

Wherever the numbers make sense, that's where I'll be!

@Davis Culpepper Those are two wildly different markets with different plays. Ignore the noise and figure out what is best for you. What's an investment you can afford, can manage, has your desired return and is something you want to put your name on?

If you asked 100 successful real estate investors what their key to success was you would get 100 different responses. Don't get caught in the noise trying to chase the golden ticket. 

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@Mitch Messer Thank you for sharing your wisdom and strategies with me. I think that it makes a lot of sense to find long term buy and hold properties in the Cobb county area as well as other stable micro markets within the Atlanta area. I agree that cash flowing deals in these areas are tough to find, but I will say that this has forced me to think creatively in order to create deals that can potentially lead to cash flow in the short term as well as the long term.

It’s easy to be tempted by the returns that some are making off of flips in the up and coming areas of Atlanta, but I agree that these plays are risky — especially given the current position of the market cycle. My goal is to generate as much cash flow as I can right now with the long term in mind. That way I will acquire assets and build equity while continuing to learn how to make the right play for these up and coming areas when the time comes.

@Nick Fitzpatrick Thank you for sharing some wisdom. Staying laser focused on what works for me is definitely the most actionable step that I can take right now.

I look forward to continue studying the Atlanta market and observing how micro markets within Atlanta grow over time.