Huntsville / Madison buy and hold or flip?

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@Vernon Trice III Huntsville has got some seriously cool things happening, big projects, lots of new jobs and entri MASTER PLAN for the city that encompasses business development, quality of life, green spaces, education – the whole deal (, so personally I'd say buy and hold. Prices aren't likely to get any lower as this ambitious plan continues to unfold, but rents will go up and so will demand as more jobs brings in more workers. 

I've noticed that the deals we are wholesaling to investors in Huntsville as well as some of the surrounding submarkets are mostly BRRRR strategy deals, which of course end up being buy in holds with little to no money in the deal after 6 months. There has only been one good fix and flip in the past couple months for us and we got it in New Hope vs in the city. Lease options and BRRRRs from where I see it. Birmingham has been the same way, much better for longer term holds, but I'm only buying large multifamily apartments down there.