1880 Built 3 Unit, Any tips?

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Hey BP'ers

Currently looking through properties and I have found a 3 unit in a local area. All the numbers look good but I know better than to just look at the numbers. I have not looked at the property yet or have had it inspected so bare with me. 

The house was built in 1880. The notes state that it has been updated and well taken care of. Has anyone owned a property this old? I would imagine there are unexpected expenses that I haven't thought of. Anyone know any Unknown-Unknowns or have any experience in this? Advice? Run? More due diligence(duh)? 

Thanks guys and gals


@Justin Woodworth

Don't sneeze to hard, walk softly  and don't slam an doors.

Make sure you have a thorough home inspector and wood destroying insects inspection. Older homes have unique issues with electric,wiring,plumbing depending on when the updates last occured.