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Good day. This letter is to inform you about Marcus Mullings, and to ask that you spread the word about Marcus Mullings so he won’t steal from anyone else! Rather than spending time finding and closing real estate deals - I have to set aside blocks in my day to perform detective work because Marcus Mullings made a conscious and premeditated decision to cheat me out of thousands of dollars. Below is what I’ve found thus far, outside of the money he kept:

Marcus entered into our JV Agreement fraudulently with the intent to manipulate. His name is Marcus A. Mullings as proven by a public record search, which matched is DOB, phone number and other information. However, he entered into the agreement, initialed and signed as Marcus W. Mullings. This is ethically and statutorily wrong.

The address Marcus used on our JV Agreement was knowingly false, and wasn't tied to him. The current resident of Phelps Avenue Englewood, Suzanne, said on May 17, 2019 at 2:45PM, "No one by that name [Marcus Mullings] lives here." She states, "It's either her father who has not lived here in 30 years or her brother who has not lived here in 20 years." She states, "She has no contact with them and does not know where they live." This information was gathered by Alexander Vays, Esq. More recently, the Bergen County Sheriff Department provided similar details from a relative who lives at a different address in Hackensack. This is a spiritual and a legal transgression.

Marcus is a repeat offender in respect to taking advantage of people in the real estate industry. Attorney General Porrino filed charges in November 2016 against Marcus and his company for real estate fraud via Docket No. C-317-16. Marcus entered into a contract with these homeowners, funds were exchanged, fraud was committed and the State filed charges against him. This is a social and a commercial infringement.

Watch out for Marcus Mullings! Not only did he steal $20,000+ from me via a JV Fix & Flip deal I brought to the table - he stole money from at least 3 other people based on lawsuits they filed in NJ courts. This is the 1st time in 2 years of successfully transacting with 10 other people doing similar JV deals through my investment group that I had to deal with such an unscrupulous person. Now, I'm the 4th person to file a NJ lawsuit against Marcus Mullings...

Be aware of Marcus Mullings! Any dealings with him will more than likely cost you one way or another; as evidenced with people in the past and me currently. Sound the alarm to prevent your family members, friends and/or business partners from engaging with Marcus Mullings, Leverage Plus Group, LLC or any of Marcus' affiliates. Hindsight is always 20/20. Knowing who Marcus Mullings really is, I would not have accepted him into my investment group, entered into any agreement to conduct business with him or even allowed him to step foot in my office. How can, and why would any sane person entertain real estate or monetary agreements, verbally or in writing, with Marcus Mullings considering all of the above facts?