Text messaging for leads

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I’ve listened to one of the more recent podcasts and the guests were talking about how they utilize text messaging to reach out for leads before direct mail and cold calling.

My question is does any one on here do that? Once you have your list, what’s the next step in order to start texting? Is there an app or manual input, etc...thanks in advance!

@Derrick White After preparing your list you can choose to market to that list in whatever way you desire. This can be direct mail, cold calling, RVM, text messages, facebook and google ads etc. In order to pull up phone numbers associated with your target properties, you must use a skiptracing service. There are many such services online, I recommend using BatchSkipTracing. 

I recommend using a multichannel marketing method and utilize things like RVM, SMS Blast and cold calling as part of a direct mailing campaign. 

Good Luck! 

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Some may like this approach, I hate it. Next to robocalling, that would be the fastest way to get your number blocked by me. If you want to get my attention be a friendly voice on the other end of the phone who doesnt simply call and ask if I'm ready to sell. I'm a human, you should be too.