Scaling from a duplex

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My brother and I bought a duplex.

I have been following BiggerPockets for a while now. My question is how should I go about getting my next deal, I’m looking for a 4-plex. I’m looking for another real life example of the 7 years to 7 figure wealth. I live in northern Ontario, from what I can find I only really have access to the mls. Any suggestions/help please comment. I know this is a pretty broad question.

@Walter Edington . It seems to be a good idea to search in your city of Sudbury for your 4 plex.  I would recommend you look for an area that you like in your city and then look for the 4 plexes.  Knock on the doors and ask the tenants for the owner's info and see if you can then buy one off the market.  And ask them if they would consider holding the mortgage.

And if you want to consider on Market units then ask your favourite Realtor there to help you.  

If you don't have a Realtor there - just let me know and I can refer on to you.