Unpermitted Work Sold as Is

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I currently have a 4/2 Home under contract in dekalb county Ga 30316. Records show that the home is A 2/2. 2 additional rooms added (unpermitted) Work has already been completed. Currently seeking update in county records but would like some advice prior to proceeding with this property. I was told by the seller that an appraiser could possibly update the county records but after research im not convinced. Anyone familiar with this process in Georgia? Dekalb Co.

Are you doing buy and hold? won't they up the taxes a bunch if they record the addition?

Hi Jasean, I would recommend looking at this link for a similar thread which has very useful answers. 


It seems,  you are going to want a site survey first, then submit for the zoning review, then submit for the building permit review. There are many pitfalls potentially along the way. Is the house in DeKalb not City of Atlanta? 30316 is in both. You can contact the relevant permit office directly to inquire about their procedures for retroactive permits. 

The typical home inspection should give you a good ballpark as to whether the additions will pass a building inspection or require major repairs. Depending on the lot I'd be most worried about encroachments into setbacks and not meeting zoning requirements, should be easy to see from the survey.

Be careful not to invest too much $ into fixing this until your closing has completed, but it is smart to find out what the procedures and details are before you close. Certainly get a survey and look for setback issues. If there are setback issues there you might want to walk away. Sometimes you can get a retroactive variance but it is risky, and the consequence of a rejected variance is ultimately tearing down that section of the house.