The "Wish I Knew's" of San Diego Real Estate Investing

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Hey guys,

Would love to hear from anybody with experience in San Diego, whether it be as an investor, agent, contractor, market analyst, etc. about what you "wish you knew" before investing/working in San Diego. I'm looking for not so obvious tips, sort of like:

  • how a certain neighborhood would have provided major tax breaks but you bought property 2 houses away outside its dividing line
  • finding out that STRs would have yielded better income where you invested
  • buying a certain design of a house (whether that's describing its foundation, exterior, interior, etc.) was a bad idea
  • politics and local government influenced your returns

and so forth. I appreciate any stories you guys have!


@Trevor J. The local gov and most neighborhoods are not STR friendly. When I lived there I agreed that many Airbnb's and vrbo were ruining the neighborhoods. If owners did a better job managing str tenants I don't think it would be as hostile. Last year city voted to ban str but then reversed decision after due to out cry. Who knows what'll happen in the future.

If you buy anything with more then 2 rooms make sure it has 2 assigned parking spaces. San Diego has changed a ton in the past 5 years and all that street parking is full.