Call Lists for direct mail and cold calls

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Originally posted by @Mike Mannello:

@Michael Quarles I’m looking for both, listings and homes to buy. I’ll be calling and mailing to two different markets and market places

For cold calling, car magazines and junk for sale magazines work best.  Reason is that the person who listed their item for sale is willing to answer the phone from a number they don’t recognize.  Where others tend to let a random call go to voicemail.  

The script is simple  

Hi this is Michael with I buy houses and I’m looking to buy a 3 or 4 bedroom home in the area  who do you know who is thinking of selling? 

You’ll get an appointment ever 100 dials   You’ll average 16 dials an hour and you’ll need 9 appointments to get an agreement   

BTW there is a very real correlation between someone selling a car and de junking  and someone wanting to sell a home   

For direct mail it depends   If you’re canvassing as a Realtor you can get lists for free from your title/escrow company   

If you’re not canvassing I would buy them from listsource   

Listsource is a corelogic and first American title hybrid   

Remember that as a agent that some states have first contact rules to adhere to   

Being a Broker myself I can say that it’s easy to adhere   However the penalties are extreme for not  

Happy house hunting 

@Mike Mannello You should consider mailing to people who aren’t on every other investor’s radar. Absentee Owners have been popular for a long time, and are apparently still somewhat effective (people are still mailing to them) but they are getting multiple offers to buy their home. It's hard to stand out.

There are some owner-occupied segments with people who share motivating factors for selling their home.

Seniors with Long-time Ownership: often ready to downsize or transition to assistance.

Homeowners with Low Financial Stability Scores (FSS): Struggling financially and likely ready to cash in on their asset.

Both these categories have additional advantages in that they probably don’t haven’t been updated and may have deferred maintenance. They won’t be expecting the same money as their neighbors with the shiny new kitchen and fresh paint.

You can work with a list broker to get the best combination for your area. Once you get your list, they can add phone numbers and emails in a separate process.