Inspection confirmed both furnaces are not in working condition

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Two-flat inspected yesterday, nothing major but neither furnace fired up, both are 15-20 years old. Preparing contingency request(s) today. What is the likelihood that the seller will replace the furnaces? 

I never ask the seller to make any repairs (unless it’s protecting the house until closing like a hole in the roof). Figure out how much 2 new furnaces will cost and ask for that to be paid at closing. Or get a furnace guy in and get an estimate to repair. (20 yrs isn’t all that’s old for a furnace, so might just need a repair)

Regardless, ask them to pay for it at closing.

Like @Mike McCarthy said, never ask the seller to complete repairs. They have no interest in performing quality work at this point. Either get a seller credit or reduce the purchase price by however much it will cost.