Wholesale friendly attorney In Kansas City MO area

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Does anyone have a reputable wholesale friendly attorney they can refer me to? I want to make sure all the verbiage in my contract corresponds with state rules and regulations. Could I just call a Investor friendly title company and use their contracts? I live in the Independence Mo area, so someone not crazy far away would be cool. But if i had to make the drive to go see the attorney so be it. Also would he or she be able to look over the assignment portion of the paperwork. 

All the attorneys at MAREI are very knowledgable when it comes to wholesales and Julie Anderson even did a wholesale webinar for us.

@Deangelo Mack

I'm not sure what you mean by " Do all those people attend your MAREI monthly meeting? "

If you are talking about the 80 going and 150 interested you might see on the event posts on facebook, that's just people clicking a button.  Event posts on facebook never are an accurate way to get a head count for an event as it cost nothing to click going or interested.

So how many actually attend?

MAREI - Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors has been meeting in Kansas City on the 2nd Tuesday of the month since January of 2004.  Our August Meeting on the 13th (2019) will be our 200th meeting.  We have had as few as 60 to 80 people at a meeting (usually January Networking meetings) and as many as 200 to 300 people on occasion (usually a meeting in January or February when everyone has resolutions and when we have a very popular national speaker - in the 200s or Brian and Michelle Winberry local speakers who hold the record for over 300 people in the room.

The typical meeting we see usually about 130 to 150 people in attendance.

Our membership sees a lot of new investors come and go with our 650 paid members and about 8000 over all members who take part in our social media and attend  meeting from time to time.  We do have a core of about 350 paid members who are very active, very experienced members who have been active members for 5 to 10 years.  And an active core of about 100 very active, very experienced service providers who are there to help you do business.

You should come check out a meeting - first meeting is always free if you pre-regsiter.

As far as the webinar with Julie Anderson on Keeping Wholesaling Legal - it is in the MAREI Member library along with a lot of other wholesaling info from quite a few experts.  AND it's the featured video on the MAREI Facebook Page