To all those wondering where to find low priced deals. They are out there to be had and I am going to give a few of the ways I find them. However, it will take work on your part and possible travel to find these deals. First, If you aren’t afraid of the urban areas they are great to find inexpensive deals in. Most urban areas have less desirable areas and typically lots of abandoned homes. Check with your code enforcement office. They can usually tell you where there are vacant homes with violations. Second, look in older neighborhoods where everyone is a senior citizen. Knock on doors and tell them you are looking for homes to buy. Grandma and Grandpa may know of a neighbor who recently died or relocated to a nursing home. Great way to find off market deals. Third, grab some type of treats and hit every local realtors office and introduce yourself to everyone. Tell them if they come across a house they can’t sell to give you a call. Also, some realtors refuse to list cheap houses as they feel it’s not worth their time. Third way is to go on your county website and search for lis pendens actions. This is the start of the foreclosure process. Another good way to help others and yourself to an off market deal. These are just a few ways I find inexpensive deals.