OOS investor. Busy W-2. What’s “easy”?

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I’ve been investing for a couple years now.

Quick recap:

Huntsville, AL, Cleveland, OH, Detroit, MI, Indy

Bought B- and C class homes. Couple disappointments, most did reasonably well. Couple Huntsville turned out to be big winners.

Anyway, now things at work are getting even busier. I’m making more which means I can invest more. But I just don’t have the time to deal with PM, issues, etc. My one B-class in Cleveland has had no problems, but my other ones have.

So, can people share their recommendations for easier B class investing. I’m looking for 10% return benchmarks. And I don’t want headaches. I’ll buy 150k houses leveraged for great tenants who won’t complain about stupid **** get late on rent and then have to “coach” my PM to collect payment or do something.

Im looking at any and all markets that fit this bill. Headache free investing in real estate with minimal issues great tenants so I can keep working harder at my W2 and make more money to throw back into real estate so I can retire in a decade give or take.

Another thing I’m waiting for is a bit of a west coast slowdown. I’d love to play 1 appreciation gamble every two years (buy a 800k house in San Diego or something, rent it at 4-5k, which covers mortgage, and cash flow from other properties for cap ex) and profit at sell off on appreciation in 15 years.

That’s another thing I don’t need the cash flow to live off of and I don’t intend to retire on the cash flow in the next few years. Every penny will go back into it. Because of my limited time, all my cash flow went back into paying down the mortgage faster as I looked for new deals (with some reserves set aside for disasters).

Any insights please?

@Barry Je you really don't want to buy more rental realtor estate it sounds like. No investment will be 100 percent passive (especially long distance) in REI.

Yes you can spend more and have better tenants which will limit what you describe, but honestly I would recommend investing in notes.

Be the bank, earn 8 percent and go on with your life.