Detached garage --> 2 bedrooms???

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So this is an interesting question. Im looking at a property with a detached 2 car garage apx 15ft from the main house and back door. Id like to convert the 2 car garage to 2 additional bedrooms that i can rent out. However, I am unsure of if this would be acceptable or not. Because its detached from the house would i have to call it an accessory dwelling unit?(ADU) I dont want to run plumbing out there if possible so what if i attached the main house to the garage using an enclosed breezeway? So now its considered "attached". Would it still require me to have a bathroom/shower etc. or because its enclosed with easy access to the main home bathroom and shower id be okay? Im just not sure if im required to build an ADU or if i can just add the enclosed breezeway. Any information/suggestions would be amazing, thank you so much!

I should also specify that id be renting out the house by rooms for students.