Property Inspection & GC's near Covington, KY

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Hi Everyone!

I've set my sights on investing in the Covington & Newport areas of KY. Was hoping to connect with others who could recommend a property inspector, or general contractor. I am an out of state investor who plans to purchase several properties around the area, and would love to find businesses in the area to work with. All of these properties will be needing rehab work. Finding someone with experience catching larger projected expenses (foundation, rotting frame, etc) will be invaluable.

Also, always looking to connect with investors in the area and see what I can do to help out as well. Lets chat!

Thank you!

Hey Jonathan, I invest heavily in Covington, there are some pretty awesome things happening there at the moment. Shoot me a PM and we can discuss more. Cheers!

Hey Wesley, send me a pm and I’d be happy to chat some more with you about the area!