where you guys investing for appreciation (wo going negative)?

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Everyone clamors around the Midwest and south as being cash flow Kings but many of these have never appreciated.

What areas are you guys investing for less cash flow (but not negative) but more appreciation?

@Barry Je I'm seeing deals in Washington, DC where the cashflow is smaller, below $180 in my price range that I purchase but the appreciation is available. I have a property in DC that only generates $147 a month but it has appreciated $126,000 in 14 months. I will note that I'm starting to see a slowdown in DC on the appreciation so and it also depends on where you buy in DC, some areas do much better than others. I would recommend checking with the @Russell Brazil of the DC/MD/VA area, he's very dialed in to the various neighborhoods.

UT is an appreciation market right now - has been for several years and I wouldn't be surprised if it stays that way for several more years.  Rents vs. ownership / acquisition costs are ok.  Cashflow is not incredibly amazing, but appreciation here is good.

DC. You can be about break even in the city and some positive free cash flow in the suburbs. I put 25% down now instead of 20% in order to get a little bit more comfort room.