Structural termite damage repair

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I am looking at a house that has some potential structural damage from termites. What professional could I contact to assess the extent of the damage and repair if possible? Would this be something a GC could do, or would I need a more specialized contractor? This property is in Baton Rouge, La. if any locals know a good contact.

Hmm depends on how invasive it is. I would figure that out first. The last property I bought had a bit of termite damage. I had the house fully inspected prior to signing the contractor and had the owner include an extermination service in the terms of the contract. The only damage was really the beams in the basement - they can be sister-ed pretty easily. 

If you can get an idea of the extent of damage from an inspector. That should tell you if you will just need to fix a few joists or rip out a whole floor.

@Ryan Nodurft You can PM me if you would like some contractor recommendations here in BR. Like the last post said, the home inspector can probably give you an idea of the extent of the damage, but you may not know the full extent until after closing when you can actually cut into the walls. I’m happy to pass along the name of some local GC’s who I think could help though!