Need Help Purchasing Directly From Owner

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I've had the great opportunity of meeting a home owner who is willing to sell me his home, and we've agreed on a price. However, both of us have never sold or purchased a home without an agent. I will be financing the purchase and my lender tells me that I will need a purchase agreement. Anyone have experience buying or selling without an agent? Is there a generic purchase agreements that you recommend I use? 


Typically, each state has their own boilerplate real estate contract/purchase agreement forms you can download. I don't live in CA and have never done a deal there, but if you search for them, I'm sure they would be easy to find.

My suggestion is to contact the title company you'll be using for escrow/closing - they know all the details on how to do agent-less transactions and what forms they need; they'll be able to walk you through exactly what you need to know.