Door-knocking Tips & Scripts

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Hi BP fam, 

I'm wondering what DOES and DOESN'T work for door-knocking in hotter, west coast markets (Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, Comox, Duncan, etc., British Columbia).

My purpose for this questions is to 1) Personally knock on doors that Id like to purchase, and 2) coach my realtor buds the same winning strategy to do it for me. 

I love to hear what is working well for you and any info on systems and follow up advice. 

Many thanks! 

Make sure you follow up with more than one visit. Try to become their friend with multiple visits instead of just being an annoying salesman.

Figure out what the owners need, not what you need. If you can help them and solve their problems they will be more likely to work with you. 

Lots of books on this and podcasts. The lost are of Closing is a good one by Anthony Lannarino