Who is your Property Manager? Indianapolis (OOS investor)

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Out of State investors investing in Indianaplois who is your property Managemet company and more importantly why do/don’t you like working with them?

I’m targeting a PM company to manage B class in the northern suburbs of Indy and thought I would ask BP community if they had experience with any of the below.

Renu Property Management

Red Door Property Management

Evergrow Property Management

NEU Real Estate Group

RPM Indianapolis

I have never used any of these companies myself - but have heard terrible things about one or two of them.  

I currently carry 50 doors with @David Moudy and love working with him.  Unlike other PMs, he’s great about aligning incentives and making sure it’s always a win win.

Some good guys in your list, but also some terrible ones. Please reach out if we can help, we’ve been at it a while with happy clients. I’ll second your idea of B class rentals. Not as attractive on paper as C/D class but in the long run payoff better. That is what I personally invest in. Indianapolis is a great market.

Good luck!

@Nick Giuliani thanks for the input in connecting with current clients I do plan to do that but making at this point narrowing it down to a few good ones to start interviewing.  Thank you also for to David.  

Thank you Josh C. for your input as well. 

I am a realtor from Indianapolis that deals with a lot of investors - I have no interest in becoming a property manager at this time, so I network to bring good quality property managers to my investors that will be a good fit for them.  There are some lousy PMs in Indy, so I only recommend ones that I have vetted and personally worked with.  @david moudy is a personal friend of mine just starting out in property management and doing an excellent job.  @Ross Denman with RPM is another guy that is very knowledgeable about the city and will guide you in what areas are really good or up & coming and which areas to avoid.  I would be glad to chat further about others with anyone interested, just send me a PM